About ND On Demand

Telemedicine doesn’t have to just be for extremely quick, non-personal visits with a random doctor you’ve never met before and will never hear from again. At ND On Demand we can help you with almost anything from chronic disease to acute illness. And if we can’t help you, we can point you in the right direction. Our physicians are trained to handle a wide range of conditions and can order labs, imaging and write prescriptions*. With ND On Demand you can choose who you want to work with based on their area of focus, and you can be assured that every one of our physicians is fully licensed, vetted, and experienced. Also, all of our providers are naturopathic physicians which means they treat the whole YOU and not just your symptoms.

For more information on how naturopathic doctors approach patient care differently click here.

ND On Demand also offers a brief 15 minute appointment so that you can try out our doctors to see which one you’d like to care for you on a longer term basis! So what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment today!

*Prescriptions and imaging are currently limited to patients who reside in Arizona.