ND on Denamd

For Employers

NDonDemand enables you to offer an additional benefit to your employees —one that gives them convenient, timely and affordable access to healthcare, 24/7, from U.S. board-certified holistic physicians.

It reduces your organization’s overall healthcare costs by:

  • Direct cost savings: the typical cost of a telehealth visit is about $75, as compared to about $90 for a scheduled doctor’s office visit, about $140 at an Urgent Care clinic or $750 or more for an Emergency Room visit.
  • Reducing overall, long-term healthcare costs through identification and treatment of the underlying causes of disease, often providing an actual resolution to chronic health conditions that mainstream treatments only “manage” rather than actually curing. While it can also deal with acute conditions, Naturopathic treatments also focus on prevention of disease – it can practice proactive medicine, where many mainstream practitioners often only practice reactive medicine.
  • Naturopathic prescriptions can be less expensive than mainstream treatments – they many times consist of holistic and herbal medicines rather than commercially produced “designer drugs” that are patented by profit-motivated corporations. Sometimes they involve a change in diet or recommendations to avoid different foods or classes of foods.
    Saves time, provides convenience.
  • It is not unusual for an employee to have to wait three to four weeks, then take half a day, (or an entire day) off work to go to a Doctor’s appointment. With ND on Demand, this becomes entirely unnecessary.  An appointment can be arranged and begun within minutes, from anywhere with an Internet connection.  This is especially useful for your employees who travel frequently for business or who live in more outlying areas where health clinics or choices in healthcare are not located.
  • Makes access to health care more convenient by offering your employees doctor’s care on THEIR schedule.
  • Makes access to health care more personal by giving the consumer access to their choice of physician. At ND on Demand, visitors can read about each practitioners’ background, education, credentials and approach to practice before contacting them.
    HR-Friendly, Benefit Compliant
  • Many Human Resources professionals find our service to be a perfect companion to their existing healthcare benefits package.  They appreciate the simple subscription process and the fact that there is very little, if any, administration needed on their part.
  • Many Health insurance providers today offer access to telehealth services and most often, those who don’t already offer it today will likely be adding this service in the near future.  For companies wanting to provide holistic, proactive care to their employees as an added benefit, NDonDemand is a perfect solution.
    Talk to Us
    if you are a business owner, Benefits Administrator or Human Resources professional interested in finding out what NDonDemand can do for your employees’ benefits, please call our office at 1-866-699-6152.